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Ancestor Scrying Spell

Scrying means to see or seek hidden knowledge. This ancestor scrying spell is a beautiful way to call upon ancestral spirit guides for wisdom and insight.


  • scrying mirror or other dark reflective surface for scrying

  • dried sage, dried rosemary, or palo santo to cleanse the space

  • crystals for scrying (i.e. amethyst, labradorite, obsidian)

  • item belonging to the ancestor you would like to contact

  • black candle


  1. Set up the scrying mirror and cleanse all the items by lighting the sage (or rosemary or palo santo) and letting its smoke drift over everything to purify it and create a sacred space. When you are done, make sure to set the sage in a fireproof container until entirely extinguished.

  2. Place your crystals in front of the mirror.

  3. Place the item(s) belonging to your ancestor in front of the mirror.

  4. Set the candle in front of the mirror in a fireproof container. Light the candle and focus on its reflection in the mirror. Relax your thoughts and imagine the light is a guiding beacon from your ancestor. Set the intention that you would like guidance from your ancestor alone and no other spirits or energies should intervene. Say the incantation and observe the thoughts, images, and shapes that are revealed.


"Through the veil, I summon (say ancestor's name here) this night

Please show me the way of wisdom and light"

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Thank u for sharing this spell 💜

01 июл.
Ответ пользователю

You're welcome:) I hope your week is filled with magic!

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