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Eggshell Spell to Bury a Secret

Use this spell to keep a secret safe and buried. Eggshells are wonderful to work with and are used in many different types spells and witchcraft. For this spell, all you need is one egg, a piece of paper, and tweezers. This spell is best cast during a waning moon.

Items Needed

  • Egg

  • Paper

  • Tweezers


1. Push the tweezers into the egg to make a small hole centered on one tip of the egg. Make another hole centered on the other side of the egg.

2. Use the tweezers to gently remove more of the shell until you have a large opening.

3. Empty the contents of the egg, and rinse out the shell with water.

4. Take a small piece of paper and write your secret on it. Roll up the paper and insert it into the shell.

5. Bury the shell in the ground and recite the incantation.

"My secret I hide within this shell

Guard it and Protect it well

Earthly spirits, this knowledge keep

Beneath the ground, buried deep"

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