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Eucalyptus Shower Spirit Spell

Soothe your body and soul with this wonderful shower ritual. Create a bouquet of eucalyptus and chamomile to help you release unwanted negative energies and manifest inner peace and calm.

This is a wonderful ritual to restore peace and relinquish past grievances. When hung in the shower, eucalyptus leaves release natural oils that help awaken the senses and relieve stress. I like to add chamomile to brighten my shower bouquet and add an extra sense of calm, but you can add whichever flowers you prefer.


  • bundle of eucalyptus

  • flowers such as chamomile or lavender for added calm and aromatherapy (optional)

  • twine


1. Tie the eucalyptus and any other flowers together with twine to make a simple bouquet.

2. Hang the bouquet in the shower so the steam releases oils in the eucalyptus. Recite the incantation while focusing your intentions on letting go of stress and manifesting inner peace.

"Cleanse the spirit,

Soothe the soul,

Anger and pain I now release

To manifest calm and peace."


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