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Free Your Spirit Spell

Use this lovely spell to free yourself from the past and welcome new fortune.

I love this powerful moon and fire spell. This is a spell of binding past problems and releasing yourself from the pain of the past. In this way, it is a great spell for a waning moon. However, it is also a spell of manifesting new growth and opportunity, and so it is a wonderful spell for a full or waxing moon. I personally like to cast this spell during a full moon to heighten its powers of manifestation. If you like, you can cast it once during the waning moon and again during the full moon.


  • cauldron or fireproof vessel

  • piece of paper and cord to tie it with (make sure the cord and paper can be safely burned)

  • black or white candle


1. Write down any past blocks or what you would like to bind and release on the paper

2. Tie the paper with the cord.

3. Under the moonlight, place the paper in the cauldron and set it on fire.

4. Recite the incantation.

"By cord and flame I free the past

And Liberate my soul at last

From smoke and ash let spirit grow

Blessed by moon’s majestic glow."

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