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Good Luck Spell Jar

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Keep luck and good fortune coming into your home or business with this simple spell jar.

This spell jar is easy to make and is meant to grow in potency over time. If you can, make this jar when the moon is waxing. Thursdays are also good days to start these jars as Thursday is known as Thor's Day, and it is a good time for spells of success and luck.


  • Jar

  • Amethyst Crystal

  • Found Items for Good Luck


1. Place an amethyst crystal in a jar.

2. When you find items that bring good luck, add them to the jar. These could be household spices such as rosemary, allspice, cinnamon, basil, or mint. They could also be items you find like a silver coin, a four leaf clover, the number eight, an evil eye, an acorn, etc...

3. Set the jar by an entryway to keep luck coming into a home or business.

"This jar I set so luck will stay,

Keep misfortune far at bay."

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