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Guide to Leap Year Magic

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Leap Days have special magical properties, because the day itself is so rare. They occur once every four years and offer opportunities to be daring, bold, and adventurous.

Here are some ideas for Leap Day magic that you can try and links to spells...

Speak to the Spirits: Leap days heighten psychic abilities and break down barriers. This makes leap days perfect for divination, scrying, and spells that connect to the spirit world.

Fairy Magic: Like the spirit world, the realm of fairies is easier to access on days when the veil between worlds thins. Use leap day magic to contact the fairy realm.

Long-Term Goals & Intention Spells: Since leap days only happen every four years, they are wonderful for spells that take longer to come to fruition and spells that you need to unfold over time. Use leap day magic to solidify long-term goals and set lasting intentions.

Spells of Courage: Leap days are traditionally days where the mundane is replaced by the unexpected. This is a great day to be bold and try something new. Cast a spell of courage, daring, or passion. Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Positivity Potions: There is a whimsy and celebration that surrounds leap days. They come and go so quickly that we must enjoy them while they are here. Use this day to cast brew up some potions for happiness, joy, and goodwill.

Banishing Spells: Leap days come and then they vanish just as quickly. A banishing spell cast on this day will be extra potent, as it will carry the transience of the day in its very essence.

*Note: If the moon is waxing during a leap day, then spells of growth and fruition will be even more powerful. If the moon is waning, then banishing spells will be extremely potent.


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