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How to Cast a Circle

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Casting a circle is a beautiful way to begin your spellwork and invoke protection.

Although not necessary for all spellwork, I like to cast circles when I have the time. It helps with focus and is a lovely ritual full of power, magic, and peace.

Are you confused about circle casting? There are many ways to cast circles, but circle casting is ultimately a personal process. The following is my tried and true method, but I encourage you to be creative and make any changes you like until it feels right for you.


  • Elements to represent the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water

  • Bell

  • Wand (optional)


  1. Place the earth element towards the north.

  2. Place the air element to the west. Place the bell here also.

  3. Place the fire element to the south.

  4. Place the water element to the east.

  5. Hold the wand and recite the following incantation. Say the words and follow the movements indicated in parentheses. Do not say the words in parentheses. As you recite the incantation, visualize a protective circle of light forming all around you. Use your wand to point towards the elements as you move to face in each direction.

"(face north) Good earthly spirits, (face west) airy sprites

(face south) Golden gods burning bright,

(face east) From watery beings of sailor's dreams

to the shimmering of silver streams

(face north again) I call the elements on this night

To cast this circle in sacred light.

Protect all those within from harm,

Bless our magics, spells, and charms.

Let this circle be undone

Not before this bell has rung.

An it harm none, so mote it be

The circle will open when the bell rings three."

*If casting in the day, then change "I call the elements on this night to cast this circle in sacred light" to "I call the elements forth this day to cast this circle without delay."


Hold the wand and start facing north. Recite the following incantation as you move counter-clockwise until you are facing north again.

"I thank the elements on this night

for casting this circle in sacred light."

Ring the bell three times and then recite.

"Now the bell has been rung.

Let this circle be undone."


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