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The Magic of Natural Fairy Doors

Fairy doors are often handmade, but some trees have naturally occurring openings that resemble small doorways. In fairy folklore, these openings are called fairy doors. They are magical, liminal spaces that create portals between this world and other realms. Some say fairies carve these doors into trees to lure humans to their mystical world. Others believe that not only fairies and humans but all sorts of magical creatures can use these enchanting doorways.

small table outside in a wooded clearing on a foggy, moonlit night with a white tablecloth, candles, fall flowers and plants

How are Fairy Doors Made?

Natural fairy doors in trees occur when unique growth patterns or environmental elements create small, door-like openings in the bark or trunk of a tree. They are often found in older trees or trees with knotted wood, twisted roots, or splits in the bark that form perfect frames for tiny entrances. They can also be formed by animals such as woodpeckers and insects such as certain moth species.

Welcoming Fairies: Rituals and Offerings

Natural fairy doors are the perfect place to connect with the fairy world and ask the fairies for assistance. You can do this by caring for the tree in which the door is located, meditating, or leaving fairy offerings. Below are some rituals and offerings to welcome the fae folk and attract these magical beings.


  • Full Moon Invitation: When the moon is full, sit under the tree near the fairy door and meditate upon nature. Let your thoughts wander to the magic and wonder of the fairy realm, and focus on sending blessings and positive thoughts to the fae.

  • Fairy Ring Dance: Create a circle of flowers or stones around the fairy door and dance within it, celebrating and welcoming the fairies.


  • Sweet Treats: Leave small treats like honey, milk, or berries near the door. Fairies are known to have a sweet tooth!

  • Natural Gifts: Offer natural items such as flowers, shiny pebbles, tiny crystals, or feathers. These gifts show respect and appreciation for the fairies' presence.

*Note: Ensure offerings will not harm the tree, its natural environment, or local wildlife.  

Incorporating Fairy Magic into Your Practice

Trees with natural fairy doors are the perfect place to call upon fairies and grow your bond with them. Witchcraft and spellwork related to fairy magic will be enhanced in these locations, but be mindful of the type of tree as different trees have their own magical associations. Below are some witchy practices that align with the magic of the fairy realm.

  • Scrying: Some trees have hollow spaces that fill with rain water. When this occurs, the water's surface becomes a powerful and beautiful scrying mirror.

  • Flower and Greenwitch Magic: Fairies and flowers have a strong magical connection. Spells incorporating flowers will be enhanced by the tree's magic and connection to the fairy realm.

  • Glamours and Transformations: The fae are famous for their powerful glamour and transformation magic. Call upon the fairies to aid your spellwork and enchantments.*Learn to make a glamour magic mojo bag.

  • Portal Magic: Fairy doors are magical portals, so trees with fairy doors are perfect for spells and rituals incorporating portal magic.

  • Wish Magic: Fairies are highly gifted with wish spells. Ask for their assistance when working on wish magic to increase the effectiveness of your craft. *for more fairy wish magic, click here.

Simple Spell to Celebrate the Fae

Use this simple ritual to celebrate the fairies and establish goodwill with the fairy realm.

Materials Needed

  • Berries

  • Fresh flowers

  • A shiny pebble or crystal


  1. Arrange the Offerings: Place the berry, flowers, and a tiny pebble or crystal in or near a natural fairy door. Each item you offer symbolizes your respect and admiration for the fairies.

  2. Recite the Incantation: "Berries sweet and flowers fine, Shiny pebble as a sign My gift I place amongst this tree Welcome fairies, blessed be"

  3. Pause and Listen: After reciting the incantation, take a moment to close your eyes and listen. Feel the energy around you and trust your offering has been received.

  4. Maintain the Magic: Leave small offerings regularly to keep the fairies feeling welcomed and cherished.

Sincerity and Respect

As you work with the fae, remember that they are capricious, and not all fae are friendly. An essential key to successful fairy magic lies in respect and genuine intention. Treat your fairy door and its tree with care, and the fae folk will likely reward you with magic and blessings.

Happy Enchanting,



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