Rainbow Fluorite / Large 2", 47g

Rainbow Fluorite / Large 2", 47g


Rainbow Fluorite is a vibrant, beautiful crystal. It comes in many different colors and combinations of colors. It is a wonderful stone for blocking negative energy, cleansing auras, protection, fairy magic, enhancing spirit work, intuition, and psychic abilities.

Fluorite is also a fantastic stone for maintaining balancing and stability. This particular fluorite is about half clear and half blue, a lovely combination that reflects its balancing properties. 


This piece is especially magical, because when you turn it in the light it appears to have small rainbow reflections within. The blue of this stone with the rainbow-like reflections inside make it a perfect stone for fairy magic, creativity, and inspiration.


These are natural and not dyed, so they will minor flaws. They are beautiful and perfected by nature. Each stone is entirely unique.


This lovely tumbled rainbow fluorite is about 2" long and weighs 47g.