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This beautiful Samhain Ritual Box has gorgeous handcrafted items to make this Sabbat extra magical. Each kit comes with a Hand-Poured Soy Tea Candle, a Samhain Ritual Oil, a mini Sacred Samhain Spell Bottle, a Devil Pod, and a Citrine Crystal.

A card is included with your kit that describes the items and their uses.

Samhain Tea Candle: This lovely glass tea candle is hand-poured from soy wax and topped with dried red rose petals and obsidian crystals. A hauntingly beautiful fragrance that feels like walking through a foggy cemetery, slightly overgrown and filled with hanging moss, jasmine vines, lichens, and dewdrops. Candle measures about 1.75" in diameter by 1" tall.

Devil Pod: Devil Pods are aquatic freshwater plants that take root in the mud and have leaves which float in the water. The magical properties of Devil Pods include protection, warding off evil, good luck, and breaking hexes and curses. They measure about 1"-2" and vary in color from a lighter brown to a dark brown/black.

Citrine: Beautiful orange crystal to release negative mental and spiritual blocks and increases happiness

Sacred Samhain Spell Bottle: Mini glass vial filled with a custom blend of Samhain botanicals and obisdian crystals. Use it to enhance spells, spirit and ancestor work, divination, protection, and psychic abilities.

Samhain Ritual Oil: Special blend of botanicals and essential oils for Samhain Rituals, spirit and ancestor work, divination, prophecy, and protection. Use your ritual oil to manifest intentions, enhance your magic, anoint candles and magical objects, mojo bags, ritual baths, and incense blends. Includes obsidian crystals, hibiscus, rose, sunflower oil, and a blend of vetiver, bergamot, rose, and neroli essential oils. 15mL

Samhain Ritual Box

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