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Love Potions, Love Magic, and Lupercalia
Your love potion has unlocked a page of the secret grimoire.
Learn how to use your love potion and more about love magic below.
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February is the season of love, Valentine's, and the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia.
Your Lupercalia Love Potion is made with organic vetiver, rose, and neroli essential oils and infused with a garnet crystal bead. You can use it to enchant magical objects, to scent ritual baths, to enhance spell bags, create a sacred space, as a love spell perfume, or linen mist. See below to learn more about your love potion and for spells made specifically for your potion.

*this love potion is not intended for consumption*
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Don't miss my... 
Lupercalia and Love Magic Workshop
Cosmic Corner, Savannah
February 11, 2023

In this class, you will learn all about love magic and will create your own love magic ritual oil, spell charm, and bath tea to take.

All materials will be provided. This is going to be a truly magical workshop and a wonderful way to celebrate this season of love!
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How to use your love potion

This love potion is designed as a spritzer, and is not intended for consumption. You can use it to...

enchant magical objects

spray it in the air or use it as a linen mist or perfume to attract love

create a sacred space during ritual magic 

add to spell bags to enhance their magical properties

spray in the shower or bath for ritual baths

add to moon water for love spells and water magic

Magical Properties

Neroli Essential Oil: Love, Lust, Luck, Protection

Rose Essential Oil: Love, Healing, Luck, Protection

Vetiver Essential Oil: Emotional Calm, Soothing, Dreamwork

Garnet: Love, Revitalization, Energy Balance, Emotional Harmony, Passion


True Love Dream Spell

Spray your pillow with the love potion before you go to sleep and say,

"Send a vision in my dream

of one whose love is meant for me"

Love and Healing Spell

Spray the love potion in the shower or bath and say,

"Wash away the pain of the past,

Bring me a love whose light will last"

love potin
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