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Meditation in Forest
Hi! I'm Nykos, a nature loving witch.

Witching in the modern world isn't always easy. We have busy schedules, ingredients can be expensive, and people can be kind of judgmental. However, it doesn't really change the fact that for me casting spells and practicing the craft is my favorite form of meditation. I am mostly a nightwitch, and my specialties are manifestation, spell writing, banishing, and spirit work. I think there is hardly anything better or more relaxing than creating an enchanted dreamworld under the light of the moon.

As a solitary witch (not part of a coven), I prefer to do a lot of research and read about many types of practices. Like many modern witches, I don't adhere to a specific tradition. I believe in gaining a breadth of knowledge and then applying that knowledge in the way that is most natural for me. As you explore this sight, I encourage you to do the same. Connecting with your inner witch is about accepting who you are, striving to help others, and discovering how to use your powers to make the world a more magical place.

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