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Cinnamon Stick Spell Carvings

Carving magical symbols into your cinnamon sticks is a quick and easy way to enhance kitchen witchery and spells. You can use a sharp knife or a small wood carving tool. You can also make a few at once and set them aside until you need them. The symbol I carved is a bindrune for prosperity.


  • Cinnamon Stick

  • Small sharp Knife or wood carving too


1. Decide on the symbol you want to carve. It can be a rune, bindrune, or a sigil you create yourself. The design is personal and completely up to you but should resonate with the spellwork. For this design, I chose a bindrune for propserity to enhance the magical properties of the cinnamon itself.

2. Carefully carve the design into the cinnamon, and as you do so focus your intentions on the meaning of the symbol.

3. You can use the cinnamon stick immediately or store it for later use. These are wonderful when making magical recipes or crafting kitchen witchery spells. They can also be used in charms and spell jars.

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