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Magic Potion for Your Plants

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Use this quick and easy greenwitch potion to enhance the magical properties of your plants. It is easy to make and is one of my favorite forms of plant witchery. Plants need potions too:)


  • Spray Bottle or Water Bottle

  • Water-Safe Crystal


Fill a spray bottle with water and add the water-safe crystal. Focus on your intention and let the crystal charge the water. Use the water to spritz the soil of your plants.

This works well with plants that prefer more moist soils or plants that enjoy a spritzing of the leaves. Below are some suggestions of good plant and crystal pairings based on the magical properties of both the crystals and the plants.

If you feel like using your kitchen witch skills, try the herb and crystal combination and then you can use the herbs when you cook.

Herbs and Crystal Combinations

  • Mint + Green Aventurine for Money and Wealth

  • Parsley + Clear Quartz for Protection

  • Basil + Citrine for Happiness

  • Borage + Tiger's Eye for Courage

Flower and Crystal Combinations

  • Orchid + Rose Quartz or Amethyst for Lust and Love

  • Iris + Amethyst for Wisdom

  • Gladiolus + Tiger's Eye for Courage


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