Custom Spell

Custom Spell

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Are you in need of a custom spell? Looking for your soulmate or your familiar? Trying to bring back a lost lover? Do you need to break a curse or ward off some serious negativity? Let me craft a custom spell just for you. 


I believe everyone is magical and that the most powerful spells are those you cast yourself. Custom spell kits come in beautiful packaging and include all the materials you need to work your magic.


Spell kits may include charms, talismans, candles, feathers, incense, bones, crystals, ritual oils, and a variety of other items. Each situation is unique, so each spell is one of a kind. 


Please note that I do not create custom spells for dark magic, and I will refund any spells that I would not cast myself. Everyone practices magic differently, and I am personally not against darker forms of magic. However, I don't cast these spells myself, so I do not feel like I am the best person to craft those spells. 


As spell kits are all made to order. As I may need to obtain certain materials, it can take up to seven business days to ship.