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Fairy witchery is an enchanting, whimsical, and beautiful form of nature magic. Fairy magic is perfect for spiritual and emotional healing, spell-work using telekinesis and telepathy, light magic, love and friendship, happiness, glamours, and wish granting.

This witch kit includes five vials of fairy witch herbs, fairy dust/spell powder, a pyrite acorn pendant, three fairy crystals, fairy bobbles, a rainbow prism ornament, two iridescent green feathers, and floral confetti. Each kit comes with a description of the crystals and herbs and their magical properties. All of the vials are labeled on the bottom so they can be repurposed.

The Rainbow Fluorite and Rose Quartz are tumbled and vary in size from about 1"- 2". The Herkimer Diamonds are rough chip pieces. The herb vials come in two sizes. There are two 0.9oz vials that measure (2.75" tall x 7/8" wide), and there are three 0.6oz vials (2" tall x 7/8" wide).

Listed below are the items in this kit and their magical properties:

Fairy Dust/Spell Powder - made with all natural gold and pink mica powders and a blend of rose and lavender essential oils

Acorn pendant with pyrite - has an adjustable twine loop to be worn as a necklace or hung to attract fairies and enhance spells


Two Green Iridescent Pheasant Feathers (~0.98" wide x 2.7" long) - attract fairies, altar décor, confidence, passion, creativity, love, beauty


Dried Floral Confetti - altar decoration, offerings for fairies, fairy magic spell work and wish granting


Fairy Bobbles and Trinkets - small gold bag with shiny beads, bells, and prehnite chips to attract fairies, altar décor, mojo bags, spellwork with light magic, glamour magic

Prism Ornament (20mm) - Hang in a window or sunny spot to cast rainbows and attract fairies, enhance fairy and light magic


Tumbled Rainbow Fluorite - mental clarity, calm, aura cleansing, meditation

Tumbled Rose Quartz - universal love, self-love, healing, friendship, peace

Rough Herkimer Diamond chips - spiritual and emotional healing, balance, clairvoyance and clairaudience, energy amplifier *note that you will either receive several small chips or fewer of the larger sized chips


Mixed Dried Citrus Peel (0.9oz vial) - happiness, friendship, aura cleansing, purification, love

Calendula (0.9oz vial) - opportunity, growth, positivity, prosperity

Bee Pollen (0.6oz vial) - joy, friendship, love, attraction

Nettle (0.6oz vial) - glamours, wards, protection, healing, reverse hexes

Hawthorn (0.6oz vial) - protection against dark magic, wards, love, fertility

Fairy Witch Kit

  • No returns or exchanges.

    But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

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