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Enhance your spell-work with the element of fire. Fire witchery is a powerful and passionate form of magic. It is wonderful for cleansing, banishing, divination, transformation, protection, spiritual healing, and victory.

This witch kit has everything you need to begin harnessing the sacred power of fire in your craft. It includes five vials of fire witch herbs, two herb-rolled spell candles, a red jasper scrying pendulum, three fire elemental crystals, ritual/intention oil, and spell papers. Each kit comes with a description of the crystals and herbs and their magical properties. All of the vials are labeled on the bottom so that they can be repurposed.

All of the crystals are natural and vary in size from about 1"- 2". The crystals include a mix of rough and tumbled stones. The herb vials come in two sizes. There are two 0.9oz vials that measure (2.75" tall x 7/8" wide), and there are three 0.6oz vials (2" tall x 7/8" wide).

Listed below are the items in this kit and their magical properties:

Fire WitchRitual/Intention Oil - sunflower oil, red rose petals, hibiscus, frankincense and bergamot essential oils

Spell Candles - Two 4" black spell candles rolled in a special blend of fire elemental herbs

Red Jasper Scrying Pendulum - red jasper is associated with emotional strength and empowerment


Fire Witch Incense - banishing and purification, divination and scrying, spells for love, passion, and transformation


Spell/Wish Papers - wish spells, banishing, releasing, hexes, and long-distance spells


Septarian (also called Dragon Stone) - healing, grounding, positivity, protection

Carnelian - motivation, empowerment, inspiration, protection

Orange Calcite - creativity, clears mental blocks, energy amplification, cleansing


Hibiscus (0.9oz vial) - love, lust, passion, sensuality, divination, clairvoyance

Cinnamon sticks (0.9oz vial) - love, lust, prosperity, victory

Red Pepper Flakes (0.6oz vial) - cleansing, banishing, defeat enemies

Activated charcoal (0.6oz vial) - purification, banishing, protection

Frankincense (0.6oz vial) - prosperity, luck, purification, joy, health, protection

Fire Witch Kit

  • No returns or exchanges.

    But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

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