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This beautiful crystal kit enhances prosperity and wealth. Use these crystals for your spellwork, set them in an altar dedicated to love, or place them in your home to attract love.


Aventurine - abundance, prosperity, opportunity, luck

Pyrite - manifestation of thought into action, wealth, focus

Citrine - releases negative mental and spiritual blocks, increases happiness

Amazonite - healing, balance

Tiger's Eye - money, calm, strength

Palo Santo Smudge Stick

Feather for Smudging - feathers vary based on availability.

Hand Poured Fig Scented Spell Candle with green aventurine crystals, dried peppermint, and dried helichrysum flowers

Cloth Carry Bag to Protect Crystals

Mix of tumbled and raw stones. Stones vary from 1-2"

GoldWitch Crystal Set for Prosperity & Wealth

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