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Hag Stones are rocks with naturally occurring holes. These holes are typically caused by the water rushing over and eventually through the rock. Hag Stones are believed to be highly magical. They are associated with many different myths and legends. 


There are many names for Hag Stones including Adder Stones, Celtic Stones, Witch Stones, Fairy Stones, Holey Stones, and Odin Stones. They are worn for protection against negativity, hexes, and evil. They are also used in fairy magic and spirit work. It is believed that looking through the hole in these stones will give you a glimpse of the fairy world and other realms.


This beautiful beach hag stone is incredibly unique because of its natural triangular shape. Triangles are highly magical and are associated with manifestation and strength. These properties alongside this hag stone's other magical characteristics make it a truly wonderful piece.


This hag stone is 3" long at the base of the triangle and 1" wide at the tip of the triangle. It has one hole near the top and weighs 61g. It would be a lovely addition for your sea witch or fairy witch collection. It would also make a beautiful talisman or amulet.

Hag Stone / Large 3.5", 61g / Fairy Stone / Adder Stone / Witch Stone / Holey St

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