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This is a beautiful and powerful spell pendant to increase self love and attract universal love. It can be added as altar decoration, worn to attract and increase love, or used as a spell jar to enhance love spells.

This pendant has a mix of wonderful herbs, dried flowers, rose quartz, and clear quartz. It features a small pink rosebud towards the top. The pendant is sealed with a cork and has a Celtic Love Knot charm for extra potency. The pendant hangs on an adjustable hemp cord.

Magical Properties:
Rose quartz - universal love, self-love, healing, friendship, peace


Clear Quartz - amplify intentions, ward off negativity


Red rose - love, passion, beauty


Pink Rosebuds - love, admiration


Rosemary - faithfulness, loyalty, remembrance


Lavender - love, protection, purification, happiness


Thyme - courage, healing


Cinnamon Stick - success, love

LoveWitch Rose Spell Pendant



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