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This gorgeous clear quartz pyramid is wonderful for energy and chakra work, witchcraft, and reiki. Pyramids draw on the power and beauty of sacred geometry to amplify energy, manifest intentions, and heighten expansion. You can use them for crystal girds, to create sacred spaces, to store and release energy, and to supercharge other crystals.


Pyramids come in two different sizes:


M/L is about 2"-2.25" at the base and about 2.25"-3" tall.


S/M is about 1.75"-2" at the base and about 2"-2.25" tall.


Legal Disclaimer:
Witch And Wand believes that the world is full of magic. However, by law it is required that we state that all items from this store are sold for entertainment purposes only. Witch And Wand is not responsible for the ways in which a product is used. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease process. Not all botanicals are safe to ingest. Consult with a medical professional before ingesting or using any herb, spice, or botanical for medicinal or curative purposes.

Quartz Pyramid

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