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Smoky amethyst quartz is a unique combination of amethyst and smokey quartz. This wonderful sone is perfect for energy work, soul healing, warding off negativity, and protection. It helps you to reach higher vibrational energies and is also used for grounding. 


The gorgeous smokey amethyst listed here is a natural, raw, unpolished stone. It has a beautiful ombre coloration that ranges from a lighter to medium purple and smokey to clear quartz.


Smokey amethyst crystals have many shades and moods. Various lighting and backgrounds will bring out different aspects of the crystal. It will appear more purple (the amethyst) or more smokey grey (the smokey quartz) depending on how it catches the light. I have photographed the crystal on light and dark backgrounds so you can see the difference.

The crystal is about 3" long. It is 1" tall on the narrower end and 2" tall at the wider end. It weighs 100g.

Raw Smokey Amethyst / Large 3", 100g



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