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Sea witchery is an ancient and potent form of water magic. Sea magic is linked to the tides and the moon. It is used in powerful spell-work relating to emotions, balance, healing, release, love, psychic abilities, and the spirit world.

Whether near or far from the ocean, you can call upon the powers of the sea with this lovely kit. It includes five vials of sea witch herbs and apothecary, seashells, a sea witch mist, three water elemental stones, driftwood, a fossilized shark's tooth, a hand polished clam shell with natural Mother of Pearl, sea witch bath salts, and a hag stone. Each kit comes with a description of the crystals and herbs and their magical properties. All of the vials are labeled on the bottom so that they can be repurposed.

All of the crystals are natural and vary in size from about 1"- 2". The crystals include a mix of rough and tumbled stones. The herb vials come in two sizes. There are two 0.9oz vials that measure (2.75" tall x 7/8" wide), and there are three 0.6oz vials (2" tall x 7/8" wide).

Listed below are the items in this kit and their magical properties:

Sea Witch Mist - water, shells, and a blend of rose, bergamot, and cedarwood essential oils for consecration, ritual baths, water spells, room spray, body mist, linens

Hag Stone (~2-3") - ward off evil, connect to the spirit world and other realms, fertility, protection from nightmares, weather magic

Driftwood - cleansing, transformation, release

Fossilized Shark's Tooth - transformation and growth, protection, good fortune

Sea Witch Bath Blend - sea salt, spirulina, lavender, rose buds, and a blend of rose, orange, and lavender essential oils

Clam Shell (~3" long and hand polished with natural Mother of Pearl) - smudging, sea witch altar, offering bowl, love, purification


Tumbled Emerald - love, friendship, harmony, psychic abilities

Rough Blue Apatite - dreams, spirit world, psychic abilities, emotional balance

Sea Jasper - meditation, calm, renewal, positivity


Small Seashells (0.9oz vial) - love, release, manifestation

Seaweed (0.9oz vial) - good luck, abundance, consecration, summoning, protection

Sea Salt (0.6oz vial) - ward off evil, banishing, purification, cleansing, creating sacred spaces, magical barriers

Sand (0.6oz vial) - protection, purification, transformation, transition, creating liminal spaces

Amazonite Chips (0.6oz vial) - healing, balance

Sea Witch Kit



  • No returns or exchanges.

    But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

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