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Septarian, also called Dragon Stone, is a truly unique stone that is a combination of Yellow Calcite, Brown Argonite, and Grey Chalcedony. This stone is associated with the earth element and is used for grounding, positivity, and protection. It is also helps to increase tolerance and patience. 


These stones are natural and have not been artificially enhanced. They may have some minor flaws as they have been wonderfully crafted by nature. Each stone is entirely unique.


This striking, raw septarian stone is about 2"x1.75"1" and weighs 64g. It has a large amount of gorgeous yellow calcite towards one end with an elegant band of argonite separating the yellowing calcite from the grey chalcedony. Because of its lovely yellow calcite, this particular stone would be perfect for manifesting self-confidence, hope, and positivity.

Septarian / Large 2", 64g / Dragon Stone

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