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Set of four, hand-poured glass tea candles. These candles are the perfect addition to your home decor or spellwork. Use them for spell enhancement, intention setting, and manifestation. Each candle has crystals, botanicals, and lovely scents chosen to enhance their magical properties.

All candles and crystals are smudged with sage. Candles are a soy/palm blend. Each candle is about 1.75" in diameter by 1" tall. Candles come with activating incantations.

Love Spell Candle - Rose scented candle with rose quartz crystals, dried lavender, and dried pink rosebuds

Divination and Dreamwork Candle - Lavender scented candle with amethyst crystals, dried lavender, and dried blue butterfly pea flowers

Happiness Candle - Tangerine and red currant scented candle with clear quartz crystals, dried chamomile flowers, and dried chrysanthemum flowers

Prosperity & Wealth Candle - Fig scented candle with green aventurine crystals, dried peppermint, and dried helichrysum flowers

All candles can be made in large batches for gifts and favors. Email me for details. Allow one week for large batch productions.

Crystals and botanicals are natural, so they will vary from candle to candle.

Spell Candles, Set of Four

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