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The "Evelyn" is an elegant vintage purse complete with handcrafted witchcraft accessories and curated vintage items. This purse is the perfect luxury gift for the witch who has it all. 


This unique black clutch-style handbag captures the timeless grace of the 1950's. It is in very good vintage condition with minor wear. It has the original tuck-chain strap and a beautiful working metal clasp. It measures 11.5" x 5.25". 


The "Evelyn" Handbag comes with...


EVIL EYE AMULET - Use this handmade evil eye amulet for protection and to ward off negative energy. This mini amulet is the perfect size to bring with you and hang wherever you need some extra protection. It is made with rose quartz beads for love and support, a grey tassel for harmony and balance, and a gold and black evil eye charm for protection.


DRIED HEATHER IN GLASS VIAL - One glass vial filled with dried heather for love, balance, protection, and spirit work. The vial measures 0.9" wide x 2.0" tall. 


DANDELION FLUFF AND SEEDS IN GLASS VIAL - One glass vial filled with dandelion fluff and seeds for courage, strength, psychic abilities, wish spells, and divination. The vial measures 0.9" wide x 2.0" tall. 


BLACK VELVET BAG - One black velvet drawstring pouch for carrying herb vials or other small accessories.


VINTAGE LOCKET - Beautiful vintage bird locket necklace. Birds can be powerful allies in magic and have many magical associations including guidance, a connection to the spirit world, and enhancing psychic abilities and intuition. This unique oval locket is in good vintage condition with a simple gold-tone metal chain. It measures 1" wide x 1.25" tall when the locket is closed.


WITCH'S MIST - This wonderful witch's mist is made with lavender and rose essential oils. It comes in a vintage-style perfume bottle with small rose and clear quartz crystals inside. Use this mist for consecration, ritual baths, water spells, room spray, body mist, and linens.


TUMBLED LABRADORITE - Labradorite is a beautiful stone used to elevate magical powers and psychic abilities and to provide safe passage between altered states of consciousness.


TUMBLED ROSE QUARTZ - Rose Quartz is a light pink stone for universal love, self-love, healing, friendship, and peace.


ROUGH BLUE CALCITE - Blue Calcite has a wonderful light blue hue and is used for rest, relaxation, and anti-anxiety.


MUSLIN POUCH - One muslin pouch to carry crystals or other small magical items.


VINTAGE SCRYING MIRROR - One golden oval scrying mirror with vintage bubble glass and frame. This scrying mirror measures 3" x 4". It is the perfect size for travel and fits easily in the palm of your hand. The glass and frame of this piece and are in good vintage condition with minor wear that is consistent with its age and gives it a unique charm. The simple golden oval that outlines the mirror reflects the elegant curves of the locket and the classic sophistication of the purse.


SPELL CANDLE - One mini black spell candle in a glass votive and black metal lid. This magical hand-poured spell candle is scented with lavender and sage and topped with dried heather. It measures 0.85" tall by 1.5" wide.

The "Evelyn" Witch's Purse & Accessories

$152.00 Regular Price
$136.80Sale Price
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