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"The Mystic" is a beautiful spell wand hand-carved from the Jacaranda tree in my yard (after asking permission of the tree). This wand measures 16 inches long. Each wand is one of a kind, so there will never be another exactly like this one. This elegant wand is perfect for divination, dream work, enhancing psychic abilities, and connecting with the spirit world.

All wands come with certificates of authenticity listing the wand name, wand maker, and description of its magical properties. Wands also include an anointing ritual to align their magic with their new owner.

This wand is made of Jacaranda wood and has a natural bark handle. Jacaranda trees bring good luck and have gorgeous purple flowers. The Jacaranda is a sacred tree native to the Amazon and is tied to the Moon Goddess in Amazonian legend.

An opalite moon sits just above the handle to enhance spirit work and communication with the spirit world.

Rice Pearl beads wind their way vine-like up the wand for sincerity and purity. Small metal leaves accent the pearl vine.

An amethyst nestles in a crook for dreamwork and divination.

A clear quartz crystal encases the top of the wand to focus and amplify energy and spellwork. The wood of the wand is visible through the quartz, giving it a dreamlike appearance.

**I harvest branches for wands when the trees need trimming, and I always ask permission of the trees first. Wands are dried naturally, and all crystals are cleansed prior to use. For added durability, the wand is coated in a water-based polyurethane finish to protect it from scratches and increase its durability.**

"The Mystic" Wand

$110.00 Regular Price
$88.00Sale Price


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