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Fairy Flower Ritual to Welcome the Fae

Updated: May 29

Use this simple ritual to invite and welcome fairies. Fairies are capricious by nature, but they will appreciate the goodwill and offering. This is a wonderful way to welcome the fae and to begin working with fairy magic.

This is one of my favorite Midsummer rituals. You can welcome and give thanks to the fae at any time, but Midsummer and other liminal days are particularly potent times for fairy magic.


  • Twine

  • Flowers


1. Choose small flowers. You can also use a single flower as I have done with the lavender.

2. Lay a piece of twine down flat.

3. Arrange the flowers on the twine and tie them together.

4. Place the flowers somewhere the fairies will find them.

5. Say,

"This gift I offer for the fae,

To thank you this Midsummer's day.

Share with me your gossamer dreams

Of glimmering hopes and shimmering streams."

  • note: If it is not Midsummer, you can say "This gift I offer for the fae welcoming you here this day."

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