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Honeybee Spell Candle

Learn how to make a honeybee spell candle with beeswax, coconut oil, and honey. This candle has a faint scent of delicious honey. Burn it to attract love, fertility, prosperity, happiness, and good fortune.


  • beeswax pellets

  • coconut oil (solid)

  • honey

  • candle container

  • pre-tabbed wick

  • double boiler or hot plate

  • tin or other container to melt and pour the wax

  • small hand-held emulsifier

  • candy thermometer


  1. Combine the beeswax and coconut oil in a 2:1 ratio. Heat in a heat-proof container on a hot plate or in heat-proof bowl set in a double boiler. A candy thermometer is used to monitor the temperature, and heat it to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. Place a small drop of melted wax into the candle container. Set the tab of the wick on top of the wax to secure it in place.

  3. Add the honey (1/2 tsp of honey per 4oz of the wax and oil mixture). Use an emulsifier to mix thoroughly. Be careful because it will be hot!

  4. Let cool to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and pour. Let cool completely before burning.

Use this candle to enhance spells and to bring love, abundance, happiness, fertility, prosperity, and good fortune. Beeswax also helps to clear pollutants from the air.


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