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Quickening Candle Spell to Make Things Happen Fast

This spell uses candle magic to help speed up things that you need - well, yesterday. You can use it for a variety of purposes and can adjust the resin and herbs, essential oil, and candle color to suit the intention of your spell. The herbs and white candle shown in this spell are suitable for all purposes.


  • Spell Candle ( I like the four inch candles)

  • knife

  • cotton twine

  • myrrh resin

  • peppermint

  • dried lemon peel

  • mortar and pestle

  • myrrh essential oil

  • candle holder


1. Use the knife to carefully cut a swirled notch into your candle.

2. Use the mortar and pestle to grind together the myrrh resin, peppermint, and dried lemon peel. Work in a clockwise direction and focus your intention while you do so.

3. Rub a few drops of essential oil onto your candle working from the bottom towards the wick of the candle.

4. Roll the candle in the crushed herb and resin mixture.

5. Add the twine into the notched groove of the candle so the twine wraps around the candle. Twist the end of the twine around the end of the wick.

*Note: If you need to help it stick, you can pass a flame over the candle surface to melt the wax a bit. Be careful not to catch the twine on fire if you do this!*

6. Set the candle in a holder that has plenty of room to catch the melting wax and will be safe as it burns.

7. Light the candle. This candle is going to burn fast, so watch it the entire time! If you need, relight the twine around the candle. The wick and twine should both be burning.

8. Recite the incantation and let the candle burn all the way down. Remember, you need to watch this one the entire time and while you do so, focus your intention on what it is you need to happen quickly.

"Let candle quicken and flame entwine

To hasten forth the passing time"


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