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Dream Sigil Spell Bag

Use rune magic, herbs, and crystals to make a lovely and potent Dream Sigil Spell Bag. Hang it by your bed to conjure beautiful dreams and travel the path to the spirit realm.

This spell bag uses essential oil, but if you are sensitive to scents you can use moonwater instead of essential oil. If possible, charge this bag under the light of a Monday (or Moonday) moon, a new moon, or a full moon. You can use either fresh or dry plants and herbs when crafting your spell bag.


  • small cloth bag

  • bay leaf

  • chamomile

  • lavender

  • sage

  • jasmine

  • rosemary

  • cinnamon

  • labradorite crystal

  • amethyst

  • lavender essential oil or moonwater


  1. Write the Laguz rune on the bay leaf. This rune represents safe travels, protection, in dreams, and the ocean of life (both past and present).

2. Add the bay leaf and all other ingredients into the bag.

3. Add a drop of essential oil or moonwater to the bag.

4. Close the bag and hang it a tree overnight to charge in the moonlight. Make sure it is secured so it can't be stolen by curious creatures.


"I leave this now in the cloak of night

To charge by moon’s magical light

So I may find the path of dreams

And follow it to realms unseen"

5. Hang the spell bag next to your bed and recharge it as needed.


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