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10 Signs of a Past Life

Have you ever wondered about reincarnation or past lives? Check out these ten common signs of past lives. Are they anomalies, coincidences, or something more...

If you are curious about past lives, take a look at these 10 common signs that your past may still be with you. To help you focus and access hidden knowledge, brew up this delicious Past Life Potion.


1. Recurring Dreams

Recurring dreams of the same people, places, and events may be related to past lives. These past life dreams might occur in a different historical time period and may or may not include individuals from your waking life. If you do notice people from this lifetime in dreams from different time periods, then it could be a memory of a past history with those people.

If you want to learn from your dreams, you can try this Divination Dream Spell.

2. Inexplicable Skills or Knowledge

Sometimes children are so unusually gifted with certain skills that it seems like they must have prior knowledge. Perhaps these child prodigies are remembering talents and skills learned in past lives.

In addition to unusual skill sets, there have been reports of individuals who actually remember specific information from their past lives. This information might include personal details of family members, memories of names and places, descriptions of specific events, and knowledge incongruent with the person's life experiences.

3. Strong Affinity for another Culture or Time

An extreme interest in another culture or time period might be a sign of where and when you lived in a past life. Paying attention to these affinities may be enlightening. Travel and learning about the specific culture that interests you or historical studies of the time period you find intriguing might bring you a feeling of completion or wholeness.

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4. Dreams with Recurring People that You Don't Recognize

If you have ever had multiple dreams with the same set of people that you do not know IRL and that do not exist in this world (IOW not celebrity dreams), then these could be people you knew in past lives. They may be people you do not know at all in this lifetime, or they could be people you know in this lifetime but are unrecognizable as their past selves.

If there is a specific person you want to contact in your dreams (either from this lifetime or a past lifetime), use this Visitation Dream Spell.

5. Inexplicable Fears

It is possible that fears and phobias might be the product of events from your past in this life or remembered traumas from past lives. Some people believe that the traumas we still need to work out might carry over from one lifetime into the next, giving our souls extra time to heal and move on.

6. Striking Birthmarks

There have been unusual reports of individuals who not only remember past life traumas but have the birth marks that correspond with these memories. For instance, someone who had been stabbed in a past life might recall the incident and have a birthmark in the same location in this lifetime.

7. Déja Vu

Déja vu translates to "already seen" and is the phenomenon of having experienced something before. This somewhat disorienting experience is relatively common yet little understood. One possibility is that déja vu is a past life memory triggered by a similar circumstance in this lifetime.

8. Feeling Out of Time or Place

There are some people who deeply feel that they were born at the wrong historical time period or in the wrong culture. These people could be experiencing feelings of nostalgia for a past life with which they still strongly connect.

9. Familiarity with Places You've Never Visited

Similar to déja vu or even inexplicable knowledge, there are individuals who experience a familiarity with a certain place. If you have ever visited somewhere you have never been before but seem to know your way around or experience an unusual familiarity with the place, then it might have been a significant location to your past self.

10. Unexplained Memories

Memory is a tricky topic, and false memories are frighteningly easy to create. However, if you have memories that have nothing to do with this lifetime and have no simple explanation, then they could be memories from a past lifetime. Perhaps they are particularly significant for you to remember. They could be lessons, signs such as reassurance, or even warnings. Pay attention to these memories and see what you can learn from your past self.

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