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Visitation Dream Spell

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Call someone from the spirit world to visit you in your dreams.

The dreamworld thins the veil between the spirits and the living. If there is someone you wish to speak with, use this spell to help them visit you while you sleep. As you work the spell, visualize this person stepping from the airy shore of the spirit world onto a solid bank. See them getting into a small boat on a dark, calm lake. You wait for them on the other side. You will meet there tonight while you dream.


  • leaf that resembles the shape of a boat

  • bowl of water large enough to hold the leaf (use a dark bowl if you have one)

  • dark blue candle


  1. Light the candle.

  2. Float the leaf in the bowl of water.

  3. Recite the incantation. Blow out the candle.

  4. Place the bowl of water with the leaf by your bedside while you sleep.

"Spirit of the starry night,

Step down from your airy shore.

Sail to me while I sleep,

So I may speak with you once more."


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