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Hekate Key Spell for Divination

Updated: May 24, 2022

Hekate, or Hecate, is a Goddess of Witchcraft in Greek mythology. She is associated with the night, spirits, the dead, divination, crossroads, and protection. Hecate is often depicted with torches or a key and is a guide between the realms. Use this spell to call upon Hecate and create an enchanted key for divination and spirit work. This spell is best cast during a dark moon (sometimes called a new moon).

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  • dried thyme

  • dried jasmine

  • dried rose

  • dried bay leaf

  • rose or vetiver essential oil (or both)

  • candle (I use black, but you can use color magic to choose a color specific to your needs)

  • key

  • mortar and pestle


1. Use the mortar and pestle to grind up the thyme, jasmine, rose, and bay leaf. Work in a clockwise direction and focus on calling upon the goddess Hecate to assist in your work. Try to grind the mixture into a powder, but it is okay if there are some slightly larger pieces.

2. Dress your candle: Place a few drops of your essential oil (or oils) on the candle. Rub the oil into the candle working from the top towards the middle of the candle and then from the bottom towards the middle.

Tip:For a more detailed explanation of dressing candles, click here.

3. Place the ground up herbs on a flat surface and roll the candle in the herbs.

4. Light the candle. Hold the key you wish to enchant and pass it through the candle's flame. Recite the incantation. Use the key when doing work with spirits or divination to help you access unseen paths, portals, and knowledge.

"Hekate, Keeper of Keys,

Unlock the deeper mysteries

Open the portal so I can see

The truth that hides in front of me".


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