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Moon Phase Magic

Updated: May 11, 2021

Enhance your spells by invoking the magic of each moon phase.

Witches love the moon, and it has a powerful influence on spells. Certain spells work best when cast during specific moon phases. Use this moon phase guide to enhance your spells with lunar magic.


Very powerful phase of the moon that is good for all spells but is especially useful for divination and psychic awareness. Use the full moon to cast spells that need extra energy and power.

  • any and all spells

  • more powerful spells

  • divination, scrying and psychic abilities


The waning gibbous marks the beginning of the moon's loss of light. When the moon is waning, the moon appears gradually less illuminated until it reaches complete darkness at the dark moon (also known as the new moon). During the waning moon, cast spells that repel versus attract.

As the moon approaches the dark moon phase, waning moon properties will increase. Since the gibbous is only the beginning of the waning phase, cast lesser spells such as minor reversals, closure, and insight into past events. You can also begin more powerful spells that are meant to be repeated over days in order to grow in strength as the dark moon approaches.

  • minor reversals

  • closure

  • insight and wisdom into past events


During the last quarter moon, the waning moon's magic is growing stronger. This is a good time for spells that connect with spirits, banish temptations, block negative influences, induce transition, and create powerful reversals. You can also repeat spells initiated during the waning gibbous in order to strengthen them.

  • connect with the spirit world for insight into the past

  • banish temptations

  • block negative influences

  • powerful reversals

  • transitions


This is the most powerful moon phase of the waning moon. During this phase, be sure to conclude any spells of repetition initiated during earlier waning phases. The waning crescent is good for spells to overcome addiction, leave behind unhealthy patterns and behaviors, and bring about sudden endings. This is also a good time for scrying and connecting with past lives.

  • overcome addiction

  • overcome unhealthy patterns and behaviors

  • sudden endings

  • scrying

  • connecting with past lives


The dark moon, also known as the new moon, is the time when the moon appears to be completely dark. This is a particularly good time for prophecy work. It is also a good time to cast hexes, banishing spells, binding spells, and more powerful spells against those who wish you harm.

  • prophecy

  • banishing spells

  • binding spells

  • hexes


During the waxing phase, the moon grows increasingly more illuminated until it reaches full illumination at the full moon. The waxing phase attracts versus repels.

The waxing crescent marks the beginning of the waxing phase, so it is a good time for new beginnings and spells of inspiration and creativity. It is also a good time for spells of clarity and revealing hidden truths.

  • new beginnings

  • inspiration and creativity

  • clarity and hidden truths


The first quarter moon is a good time to call forth and grow positive qualities within yourself and to manifest desires such as wealth and success. It is also a good time to attract others for love and friendship.

  • strengthen positive qualities within yourself

  • manifest wishes

  • attract others


During this phase, cast spells to bring success and completion to current projects. This is also a good time for spells of ambition, power, motivation, and perseverance.

  • completion

  • ambition and power

  • motivation

  • perseverance

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