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Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Ritual for Reflection and Transformation

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Use this spell when you need to discover what no longer serves you and get some guidance from the spirit realm. This Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Ritual is a great way to relax, reflect, and consult with the spirits. The flowers make a gorgeous blue tea to help you find inner calm and the dark liquid makes a beautiful scrying surface.


  • 1/2 Tbsp dried blue butterfly pea flower

  • 1/2 tsp dried lavender (optional)

  • Honey (optional)

  • Candle

  • Amethyst crystal (tumbled works best)


1.Clean the amethyst and add it to water to let it charge the water. You can place the water in the sunlight or the moonlight for a few hours.

2. Remove the amethyst and boil one cup of water. Remove the water from heat.

3. Add the lavender and blue butterfly pea flower and let steep 10-15 minutes. Add honey to sweeten if you like.

4. Light the candle and focus on the surface of the liquid. Recite the incantation.

"As I gaze from the depths of my soul,

Spirits show me what I need to know

and what to let go in order to grow"

5.Relax your gaze and pay attention to the images that you see forming and the thoughts that come to mind. Think of the things that you need to let go of in order to transform and ask the spirit guides to provide guidance and help you in your journey.

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