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Hidden Truth Dream Spell

Use this spell to uncover hidden truths while you sleep.

Call upon the spirit realm to provide clarity through dreams and deepen your understanding of a person or situation. Cast this spell during a waxing crescent moon. Repeat as needed until the next full moon.


  • white or purple candle

  • small trinket belonging to the person in question or relating to the situation

  • piece of paper and pen (if you don't have a trinket)


  1. Light the candle.

  2. Hold the trinket and pass it through the smoke of the candle while you recite the incantation. *If you don't have a trinket, write the name of the person or a brief description of the situation on the piece of paper and use this instead.

  3. Place the trinket (or piece of paper) in your pillowcase while you sleep.

"In my dreams let me see

The secrets that we do not speak.

Magical visions come to me

Give me the guidance that I seek."


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