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Crystal Charged Bee Bath

Thank your garden bees and nature spirits with a lovely, crystal-charged bee bath. Bee baths are like bird baths for bees. They provide bees with fresh water they use for drinking, cooling the hive, and making royal jelly (baby bee food).

Bee Baths are a simple way to give thanks to your garden bees, fairies, and nature spirits. These simple acts help us connect with nature and our inner greenwitch!

Items Needed

  • shallow ceramic bowl

  • water

  • water-safe crystals (i.e. quartz, aventurine, emerald)


1. Set the crystals in the bowl.

*Choose crystals that are water safe and which will charge the water with good intentions. Look for crystals shaped like river stones, with flat and smooth surfaces.

2. Fill with water, but make sure not to fully submerge the crystals. Bees will rest on the crystals while they drink water.

3. Set the bowl in the shade near plants that bees love. Change the water daily and clean the bowl each week.

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