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Full Moon Prosperity Potion

Harness the power of the full moon with this crystal-charged prosperity potion. All you need are some crystals, water, mint, and moonlight.

This spell makes a delicious moon water. It is best cast with the full moon on a Thursday, but the words can be reworked for the current full moon.


  • Glass container filled with water

  • sprig of organic mint

  • pyrite

  • aventurine

  • clear quartz

  • rose quartz


1. Place the container of water in a spot where it can be charged by the moonlight.

2. Place the crystals around the container of water. You can use the design I made or create your own design. The pattern you choose should feel right to you.

3. Set the mint in the water and leave it to charge for a couple of hours.Recite the incantation below.

"I call upon Jupiter this Strawberry Moon,

Let success come swift and soon"

*Note that this spell was written for the Strawberry Full Moon on a Thursday. However, it can be used during any full moon. Simply use these words instead..."I call upon (deity of choice) this Full Moon, Let success come swift and soon"

4. Remove the mint from the water. Crush the leaves and swirl them in the water clockwise. Drink the potion and focus your intent on drawing in success, abundance, and prosperity.


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