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Glamour Magic Your Makeup Palette

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Glamour magic your makeup palette by combining colors that help manifest your intentions. There are so many gorgeous shades of makeup, and each color has its own magical association. Use this guide to easily add glamour magic to your makeup routine.


I always knew I was royalty...

  • Light smokey eye in greys and purples with dark purple eyeliner and black mascara

  • Neutral lip color with clear gloss

  • Pale or neutral blush on cheeks


You'll always be my one true love...

  • Grey eyeliner with pale pink eyeshadow and shimmer

  • Light pink lips with cherry gloss

  • Pink blush


I'm feeling all sun-dappled today...

  • Brown eyeliner with yellow/orange eyeshadow

  • Terracotta, peach, or coral lips

  • Bronze highlight on cheeks


It's so easy being green...

  • Green eyeliner with a shimmery and neutral eyeshadow

  • Pale pink lips with gloss

  • Neutral cheek color with a subtle, shimmery highlight

**If you are interested in learning more about color magic, click here

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