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Glamour Magic Mojo Bag to Enchant Your Makeup

Enchant your makeup with this glamour magic mojo bag. For this spell, take an ordinary cloth bag and dye it with either red wine or hibiscus to infuse it with magical properties. Add the mojo bag ingredients, anoint it with rose essential oil, and store it with your makeup to charm it with glamour magic.


  • Small linen or cotton bag (or a small piece of linen or cotton and twine or ribbon to secure the cloth into a pouch)

  • rose quartz

  • glass or bowl filled with red wine or with water and dried hibiscus

  • shell

  • dried lavender, rose, and jasmine

  • rose essential oil


1. Place the cloth bag or piece of cloth into a glass or small bowl. Place the rose quartz on top and add enough red wine or water and dried hibiscus to submerge the cloth. Leave it overnight so that the cloth has time to absorb the dye.

2. Remove the cloth from the dye, rinse it, and let it dry completely.

3. Add the shell, rose quartz (rinsed and dried), lavender, rose, and jasmine to the bag. Take a few drops of the rose essential oil and dab it on the outside of the bag to anoint it. Add more essential oil as needed over time to continue feeding your mojo bag. Store the bag with your makeup to enchant your makeup.

Note: If using a piece of cloth, place the ingredients for the mojo bag in the middle of the cloth and gather together the sides and secure with either twine or ribbon.

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