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Holly and Honeybee Spell Pendant

Use fresh holly leaves and beeswax to make a beautiful holly and honey spell pendant. Use it to attract love, luck, happiness, and success.

Bees love holly flowers, and this pendant combines the magic of bees and holly. Holly is associated with protection, luck, and prosperity. Bees are associated with love, luck, success, happiness, and good fortune. Wear this pendant or keep it nearby for love, luck, happiness, good fortune, and protection.


  • beeswax pellets or some shavings from a beeswax candle

  • mug or heat-proof container to melt the wax

  • tweezers

  • craft glue

  • pendant frame or small vial

  • optional: decorative items such as dried flowers or decorative paper


  1. Melt the beeswax in a heat-proof container.

  2. Use the tweezers to dip a fresh holly leaf into the wax. Hold it upright to let extra wax drip off set it aside to cool completely. Do not use until the wax is completely hardened.

  3. Set the leaf and other decorative or magical items in a vial or secure them to a pendant frame with craft glue.

Tip: When using a frame, place some items on the back and some on the front for added depth as in the picture below.

4. Charge the pendant by hanging it on a sunny day in a plant that bees love. Recite the incantation and wear or place the pendant somewhere nearby. Use it to for protection, love, luck, happiness, and success.


"With holly leaf and honeybee,

I summon luck and love to me"


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