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Sunfire Amulet: Omamori for liberation and happiness

An "omamori" is a traditional, handmade charm. They can be used to attract many things including prosperity, health, luck, and happiness. Make this powerful sunfire omamori amulet to harness the sun's power and manifest liberation and happiness.

An omamori amulet is a traditional Japanese charm. The term omamori comes from the Japanese word for protection. These charms can be used to bring prayers, wishes, and luck. This amulet is charged by the sun's light for extra potency. As the summer solstice is this Thursday, June 20th, it is a perfect time to make this beautiful and magical charm.


  • two small pieces of cloth

  • need and thread

  • small piece of paper

  • dried herbs (optional, but I added chamomile and calendula)

  • twine or thin rope


The video is the best way to learn how to make this amulet, but below are the written instructions to help guide you.

  1. Place the cloth wrong side up. Fold the top down a bit and the corners in. Pin in place and sew to secure. Do this to both cloth pieces.

  2. Set the cloth on top of each other, right sides facing in.

  3. Stitch along the angled edges, the sides, and the bottom.

  4. Flip the pouch so it is right-side out.

  5. Take a small piece of paper and on one side write what you want to let go of and on the other, write what you want to manifest.

  6. Place the paper and dried herbs in the pouch.

  7. Fold the top in a bit and sew to close.

  8. Make the omamori knot and attach it to the pouch.

  9. Your amulet is now ready to charge! Set it in the sunlight to absorb's the sun's magical energy.

How to make the amulet:

How to make the omamori knot:


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