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How to Make a Flower Crown

Learn how to make a beautiful flower crown. All you need are floral shears (or scissors), flowers, and floral tape. These are perfect for magical rituals and witchy and pagan holidays like Litha, Beltane, and Yule.

Below are basic instructions for making the crown, and there is also a video with more detailed instructions to help you out!


  • scissors or floral shears

  • variety of flowers with longer stems (choose some with strong and flexible stems for the crown's base)

  • some flowers with leafy stems or filler leaf stems

  • floral tape


  1. Start by choosing stems for the base. Make sure they can form a circle and are strong enough to make a good base. As you add more flowers, the crown will get stronger, but it's easier to work on a sturdy base. Bend the stems into a circle and tape to secure.

  2. Add a flower to hide the closure.

  3. Add more flowers around the crown, starting with larger flowers for balance in design and in weight. I like to start with three evenly spaced around the crown. Use floral tape to secure and hide the tape under leaves and other flowers. Trim excess stems or stems not flexible enough to be added into the crown.

  4. Add in smaller flowers to fill gaps and for accent.

  5. You are done! You can store your crown for a few hours if necessary in the refrigerator in a plastic container. Sprinkle it with water or lay a damp paper towel over it to keep it hydrated.

Check out the video for more detail:


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