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Imbolc Ice Candle

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Imbolc is associated with the Celtic goddess Brigid. She is a goddess of fire, healing, prophecy, childbirth, creativity, and knowledge. Brigid is protector of the Eternal Flame and the Sacred Well. This ice candle spell gives thanks to Brigid and calls upon her blessings.

I chose to make an ice candle that fits a tea light, but you can make yours any size you like. If it is cold enough at night, you can even make these in large buckets and leave them outside to freeze. The large ice candles make beautiful lanterns when placed in the snow. Just be sure to keep an eye on them so you don't have any fire hazards or accidents.


  • one larger and one smaller containers: the smaller container should fit inside the larger container with plenty of room and should be about the diameter of the candle you wish to use

  • water

  • botanicals or other items for decoration

  • flat board

  • stones or other objects to use as weights

  • candle


1. Fill the larger container with water. Leave at least 1 inch at the top as the water will expand when it freezes. I chose to use a measuring cup.

2. Add some weights to the smaller container. I used a tomato paste can that I emptied and cleaned. I chose this can because it is about the diameter of a tea candle. I added citrine and clear quartz as weights.

3. Place the smaller container inside the larger one. Set the board on top with a weight to hold everything in place. The small container should float when not held down by the top board. This is to ensure that there is enough space for water underneath it to freeze and form the bottom of the ice candle.

4. Add decorative flowers and herbs. Fresh botanicals work better because they don't float as easily as dry ones, but you can use either. For this, I used wax flowers and rosemary.

5. Set in the freezer or outside (if the temperature is cold enough) until frozen.

6. When frozen, remove the ice mold. To remove the can, add very hot water to the inside of the can. This will warm the can and cause the ice around it to loosen. You can run hot water on the outside of the larger container to loosen the ice as well.

7. Place a candle in the center of the ice mold. Light the candle and recite the incantation.

"Blessed be Brigid, goddess of light

Whose fire gives warmth this Imbolc night

We light this candle to welcome the spring

As flame melts snow, let blossoms grow."

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