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Lammas/Lughnasadh Besom Blessing

Each year to celebrate Lammas and honor the god Lugh, I like to create a ritual besom (or broom). Use this besom throughout the year to banish negativity and bring success, happiness, and light to your home.

Lammas is a festival within the Wheel of the Year. It is a time of harvesting, manifestation, happiness, joy, and carefree celebration. This holiday is associated with the sun and the Celtic god Lugh, a warrior and craftsman. Crafting a besom from dried grains and plant stalks is a wonderful way to celebrate Lammas. Besoms made on this day are very potent tools for bringing in light and positivity and protecting the home from harm. Your besom can be as small or as large as you like. For this besom, I used dried stalks that needed to be pruned my Bird of Paradise plant. I chose these stalks because of their association with the sun. However, you can use whichever dried stalks you choose.


  • stick

  • dried plant stalks

  • twine


1. Choose a stick and gather some dried plant stalks.

2. Place half of the stalks in a bundle and set them on the stick.

3. Use twine to securely tie the stalks to the stick.

4. Place the rest of the stalks on the other side of the stick (on top of the knot you just tied in the twine). Use more twine to secure the stalks so that the stick is surrounded by the stalks.

5. Place the besom in your home and recite the incantation.

"This besom I craft on Lammas day

To protect this home and hold darkness at bay."


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