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LoveMoon Water

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

This is a very simple spell to make a magical water that you can use for lovespells, potions, to anoint magical objects, or to charge crystals like rose quartz. In this spell, you place water in a shell to charge. If you are using the water you have made to drink, then make sure your shell is safe to drink from. The water should charge on a day significant say such as Valentine's Day or on a Friday, or during a full or waxing moon.


  • Shell

  • water

  • rose essential oil (optional - only use if you will not be drinking the water)


Place water in a shell and set it overnight to charge in the moonlight. The shell does not need to be outside, but it should be where the moonlight can reach it. Recite the incantation.

"For Venus I fill this simple shell

Charm this water that love may dwell

Even in hearts of those who find

That lovemoon’s beam does fade with time"




The only shells I have are small shells, would I get the same result if I put them in a clear jar and then cover them with water?

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