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Lovespell in an Eggshell

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Create long-lasting and loving relationships with this potent and simple spell.

This spell calls upon Taurus and its ruling planet, Venus. Taurus is known for being stubborn, and this quality creates strong and lasting spells. Combined with the powers of its ruling planet, Taurus can work wonders for love spells. This spell is best cast under a waxing or gibbous moon, preferably when the moon is in Taurus.


  • 1/2 empty eggshell (shell to symbolize development and growth)

  • soil (for Taurus and the earth)

  • cinnamon (for love and success)

  • rosemary (for lust and love and memory)

  • lavender (for love)

  • rose (for passion)

  • small seashell (or piece of seashell) - (for Venus)


  1. Place all of the ingredients except the seashell in the eggshell.

  2. Dig a hole for the egg outside.

  3. Recite the incantation. Add the seashell to the egg when you mention it during the incantation ("For Venus, I offer this simple shell"). Bury the egg with all of the contents in the ground.

" By the light of gibbous moon,

Bring this love to full bloom.

Cinnamon, rosemary, lavender, rose

Protect this love as it grows.

For Taurus, I plant this in the ground.

Let love take root and strength abound.

For Venus, I offer this simple shell.

Let love blossom with this spell."


If you need to cast this spell when the moon is not waxing or gibbous, or when the moon is not in Taurus, make these changes to the incantations...

Instead of saying "By the light of gibbous moon" say "By the magic of the moon".

Instead of saying "For Taurus" say "For the earth".


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