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Oak Tree Talisman for Courage

Oak trees have numerous magical properties. The ancient Celts considered the oak a sacred tree and a symbol of strength and courage. Use the magic of oak to craft a powerful Oak Tree Talisman for Courage.

The oak tree is associated with the thundergod Thor. After creating your magical talisman, you will leave it overnight under an oak tree. Charge the talisman on a Thursday (Thor's Day) to call upon the assistance of Thor. Want to know the best days for spellcasting? Check out this witchy guide.


  • oak tree bark or branch that has fallen naturally from the tree

  • naturally fallen oak tree leaves

  • dirt and other small botanicals found on the ground under the oak tree

  • water

  • small vial or cloth pouch


1. Give the oak an offering of water and thank it for its help

2. Collect fallen bark, branches, leaves, small botanicals such as lichen, and dirt from the ground under the oak tree

3. Carve the rune symbol for Thor onto the bark. You can learn more runes in this guide How to Cast and Read Runes.

4. Place the bark and other items into a small vial and cap the vial or seal it with wax. If you don't have a vial, you can also use a small cloth bag.

5. Leave the vial (or pouch) under the oak tree overnight on a Thursday to imbue it with the magic of the tree and to call upon the assistance of Thor. Keep it with you to bring confidence, courage, and success.


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