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Oak leaves are extremely magical and are good for healing, strenth, and protection. They can also have large, leafy surfaces which make them perfect for leaf carvings. Use this oak leaf carving for calm to restore your inner peace and enhance your meditations.


  • freshly fallen oak leaf

  • sharp tool for carving (or tweezers, a straight pin, the metal tip of a mechanical pencil)


1. Gather an oak leaf that has recently fallen and is still pliable.

2. Use a sharp tool to gently scrape away at the leaf's surface as you would on a scratch board. Be gentle so you don't tear the leaf, but oak leaves are rather hardy.

Oak Leaf Carving for Calm:

As you doodle or sketch, allow yourself to relax and enter a meditative mindset. Let the oak's wisdom guide you. Imagine your anger flowing away from you and the oak's gentle and wise spirit soothing you.

When you have finished, reflect on your design and what it symbolizes for you.

Other Magical Uses for leaf carving:

  • Carve a sigil onto the leaf or a part of the leaf and use it in a spell jar, spell bag, or witchy charm.

  • Carve a decorative design on the leaf and give it as a gift for the fairies.

  • Practice automatic "spirit writing" since oaks are also associated with spirit work, the underworld, and wisdom


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